Important Items to Always Keep in Your Car

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10 Important Items to Always Keep in Your Car

As a woman driver, there are certain items that you should always carry with you in your car. These essential items will help ensure that you’re well-prepared for emergency situations and any unexpected events while driving. Here are 10 important items to keep in your car at all times:

1. Emergency kit: An emergency kit should include basic items such as jumper cables, water, non-perishable food items, flashlights, extra batteries, and a first aid kit. You may also want to include blankets or extra clothing in case of a winter emergency.

2. Charging cables: It’s always good practice to keep charging cables for both Android and Apple devices in the car – just in case!

3. Extra cash: You’ll never know when you may need emergency funds, so it’s always a good idea to keep an emergency stash of cash in your car.

4. Spare tire: It’s essential to have a spare tire and the tools needed to change it stored in your trunk, just in case of an emergency on the road.

5. Roadside emergency sign: A brightly-colored emergency roadside sign is important if you ever find yourself needing assistance while driving.

6. Breath mints or gum: Minty fresh breath is always appreciated! Plus, having some breath mints or gum handy can help ease any anxiety during long drives.

7. Water bottles: Staying hydrated during long driving trips is essential, so make sure to have a few bottles of water in your car.

8. Sunscreen: Exposure to the sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin, so it’s important to have sunscreen available during summer drives.

9. Map or GPS device: Having an emergency map or GPS in the car can help you find alternate routes if needed, and keep you on track for destinations.

10. Trash bags/receptacles: To ensure that your car stays clean, it’s a good idea to place a small trash bag or receptacle inside it for waste disposal.

By having these items readily accessible in your vehicle, you can stay prepared for emergency situations.

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