When Do I Change Plugs?

How often should I change my sparkplugs? Well, for sparkplugs to work at their best, you should really change them every 30,000 miles or so. That’s the ideal time to change sparkplugs – but if you don’t have any sparkplug issues, you can get away with changing them every 40-50,000 miles. It’s best to check your sparkplugs regularly, though – that way, you’ll know when they’re getting worn out and need to be replaced. Keep in mind that sparkplugs are there for a reason – so make sure to replace them on a regular basis for optimal performance! That’s the general rule of thumb and what most mechanics recommend. Now that may vary a bit depending on your car and driving conditions – so it’s always good to check with your mechanic for an accurate estimate. The bottom line is sparkplugs help keep your engine running smoothly, so changing them regularly will help improve the performance of your car. So if you want to keep things purring like a kitten, make sure those sparkplugs are swapped out when they need to be!

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