Who Will Be The No Prep Kings Champion In 2022? | No Prep Kings

ryan martin

It’s an exciting time in the world of street outlaws and drag racing. The sport is booming, with more and more people getting interested in no-prep racing every day. Who will be the champion of the No Prep Kings series in 2022? There are a lot of great drivers out there, and it’s anyone’s game! Stay tuned to find out who takes home the title!

The elite drivers and teams are back for another race, but this time they’re not going easy on anyone. With NOLA’s Kye Kelly as well as Lizzy Musi from OKC – murder NOVA (the fastest woman alive), Daddy Dave representing Texas Mike Murillo of California plus Boddie & Brandon James who’ll be there ready to bring it Cali– will reign supreme once again in their respective states? Or could Ryan Martin take home victory after all with his brand new Camaro that has never seen competition before?! Who will win in 2022?

The brutal, blazing fast-evolving high powered race cars are coming your way this summer! You won’t be able to miss them as they make their way through many tracks all over America. The first event happens just before Easter on Palm Beach International Raceway (April 8th & 9) then moves down south for an encore performance at Virginia Motorsports Park from April 22nd -23rd. After that, it’s off into new territory with Maple Grove raceway weekend(May 13/14), Brainerd Int’l speedway on June 17 18.

The No Prep Kings are then taking a break this July before returning to action at Tulsa Raceway Park on August 12-13, Firebird Raceway 26 & 27, and Tucson Dragway on September 9 and 10. They will be back in Texas for one final race during the weekend of October 29 30th!

The No Prep Kings are off the tracks and onto a rough road. These roads have not been tested before so there’s no prep for drivers, but it just means that these competitions will be more intense than anything else in racing! As our racers battle at different locations across America, they’ll need every advantage possible because one defeat can easily cost them 10 points or even all of their progress if things go wrong too much during battles–but victory lies within reach when you know how to use this new series’ tools properly: each win gets 5 added on top (with an initial bonus).


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