Jaguar Goes EV?

JLR will manufacture six new battery-electric vehicles in five years when the first EV is launched in 2024, putting a swift end to Jaguar’s 104-year tradition of igniting fuel. Despite being in an advanced phase, as part of this business plan, the much anticipated fully electric successor of the XJ sedan has also been scrapped, with Jaguar now saying that the nameplate can be retained as the company looks to the future.

The upcoming flex Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) will first be used by Land Rover, allowing it to offer electrified internal combustion engines as well as full electric versions. Moreover, the pure electric-biased Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) will also be used by Land Rover, which will also support advanced electrified ICE before Land Rover follows Jaguar to pure EV in 2030.

I would say Jaguar plans to sell in lower volumes with higher margins after reading JLR’s Reimagine business plan, likely tapping into Bentley-levels of luxury equipment combined with the most advanced digital features on the market. Land Rover sells SUVs, so it can be a fair bit less optimistic for their proposal for the future.

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