You can change oil too.

Safety first. Educate yourself. Find a good repair manual and read it, or consult a professional if you lack the skill and knowledge to perform any mechanical tasks on any motor vehicle.

Park the car on the driveway or in a place with enough room to operate from the flat surface.
Let the engine run for 5-10 minutes to heat the oil to a minimum. Mind to put all safety precautions into effect when draining hot or boiling oil.

Place a wheel chock under the rear tire or select the mode ‘Parking’ (P), remove the keys and operate the parking brake. Exit the cabin.

Locate lifting points for the vehicle. Consult the user manual for information if you have any doubts.

Raise the vehicle using a floor jack and safety stands available from many retailers.

Under the lifting points enlist the jack safety stands.

To make sure it is stable and secure, shake the vehicle firmly to make sure it will not fall. BEFORE YOU GET UNDERNEATH IT!

Place a container to collect the oil just below the engine.
Always allow the car to cool down, wait 10 minutes or more. It may be too hot for both the engine and the exhaust system, so be very careful.

Get all the stuff you need. You’re going to have to find the right filter and new engine-compatible oil.

Get the oil cap off. You open the hood first and locate this component on top of engine.

Find the pan of oil. Look for a flat metal receptacle, below the engine (not the transmission), found on the underside of the vehicle.
The drain plug should be located at the bottom.

Make sure it is the plug for the engine oil and not the plug for the transmission. Look for the exhaust system if you have difficulty finding it; this is often connected to the engine, since it is a pipe that runs from front to rear in the vehicle. Under the motor, the oil pan and drain plug will be found.

Remove the plug to drain the oil. Loosen it by unscrewing it counterclockwise with the aid of the right socket wrench or with an adjustable wrench, if you have room to maneuver. There will be a gasket of metal or felt which is under the bolt. You should take this off and replace yourself, too. If it is in good condition, it is possible to reuse the metal washer but not the best choice for such an inexpensive item.

Patience. All of the oil will take several minutes to drain out of the engine with all automobiles. Put the drain plug back in when it stops leaking from the crankcase. Install a new gasket on the drain plug. Tighten the drain plug to the correct torque specified by the manufacturer.

Remove the oil filter element and replace with a new unit. Torque it correctly according to the manufacturer’s specs.

Now add the correct amount and type of engine oil per manufacturers specs.

Re-install the engine oil filler cap. Do not over tighten.

Lower the vehicle and remove the wheel chock.

Grab your keys it’s time to check your work.

Go ahead start the vehicle and check for any leaks. If a leak is present go back and trace your steps and see what you forgot to do.

Now it’s time to reset you reminder light. Look in your owners manual for the correct procedure.

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