Find an ASE mechanic you can trust.

Maybe you already have an auto technician that you know and trust. Still, at some point, you may experience an issue that your favorite mechanic can’t fix, or you may have recently moved, and you may need to find a trustworthy car repair shop.

It is not a simple feat to become ASE Certified. Technicians must complete a minimum of 2 years of eligible work experience in order to obtain ASE Certification, and pass a challenging examination for each certification.

ASE Accredited Technicians are expected to prove their professional knowledge by re-testing every 5 years to keep their certifications current in order to ensure that technicians are up to date with current systems and technology.

In the automotive service industry, ASE has been certifying technicians since 1972. Our robust testing procedure gives you peace of mind that the technician is actually a professional working on your car.

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