Child Safety

You spent hours studying safe vehicles and car seats, and ended up picking your family’s correct choices. In order to ensure you installed it properly, you even got your car seat tested at an inspection station. But did you know that in and around your car there are other dangers that could potentially harm or even injure your child?

One of the leading causes of non-crash-related deaths among children is heatstroke. Vehicle heatstroke happens when a child is left in a hot vehicle, causing the temperature of the child to rise in a fast and deadly way. When the core body temperature exceeds around 104 degrees and the thermoregulatory system is exhausted, heatstroke begins.

Your car will heat up to dangerous temperatures very easily, even in cooler temperatures. A mid-60s outside temperature can cause the inside temperature of a vehicle to rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Within the first 10 minutes, the internal temperature of your car will increase by almost 20 degrees Fahrenheight

Backing up

During backover accidents, several kids are killed or critically injured. Usually, a backover incident happens when a car driving out of a driveway or parking space backs over an unattended child because he or she was not seen by the driver.

Power Windows

With electric windows, kids can injure themselves. When a window closes on their finger, wrist, or hand, several children are hurt. Several children were strangled by power windows.

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